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5 Tips on How Students Can Come Back Fresh From the Holiday Break

It's the holidays! You want to enjoy a week (plus?) off from school! How can you make sure you keep up with your studies while also devoting ample time to Netflix, Snapchat, and bonding with family?

1. Don't leave any loose ends at school. Check all of your grades for your classes. Are there any that are blanks, zeros, or otherwise possibly incorrect? Contact those teachers immediately to see if you can rectify the situation.

2. Find out what's coming up when you return. Do any of your teachers keep an itinerary online that you can consult? Does your teacher post another calendar of some sort? Even if it means emailing your teacher or staying after class to have a conversation, find out what topics the class will be discussing next. Ask for anything you could do in advance to prepare. Pssst! Teachers love when you do that!

3. Organize your schedule for your days off. Are you going to Auntie Doris' house for two days? Will you actually be busy for both days or could you fit in twenty-five minutes of reading on one of those days? Make realistic goals for yourself for each day of the vacation. Be sure that your goals are realistic. If you know that on December 25th you will be having brunch with your family followed immediately by dinner at grandma's later, that's not a good day to fit in twenty-five minutes of reading.

4. Get big projects out of the way first. It may be best to devote a solid two or three hours of work to a big project directly after school on your first day off. Your brain will be more likely to recall the directions if you start right away. Getting the big project out of the way may also alleviate any anxiety that you might have over the break. You really don't want to be trying to enjoy time with friends and family while you have this voice in your head nagging you about Mr So-and-so's HUGE social studies research paper.

5. Mindfully prepare to return to school the day before. The day before you return after the break, go through your backpack, read over notes from all your classes, check your teacher websites, and pack yourself a healthy lunch! And, for goodness' sake, get a good nights' sleep!

Hopefully these tips will help you feel relaxed over the break, and will help you return from break refreshed and ready to jump back in!

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